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Impact Ventures in Dallas Works Towards CDFI Certification to Maximize Community Impact

Contact: Anisah Khan

June 2, 2023

Impact Ventures in Dallas
Works Towards CDFI Certification to Maximize Community Impact


Dallas, TX — Impact Ventures, a prominent organization dedicated to fostering social change and economic growth, is excited to announce its pursuit of Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) certification. With a steadfast commitment to uplifting underserved communities in the Dallas area, this certification will further empower Impact Ventures to leverage financial resources and drive sustainable development.

The decision to pursue CDFI certification stems from Impact Ventures’ unwavering dedication to creating lasting positive change in the communities it serves. Impact Ventures recently concluded a pilot program deploying ~1$M to 36 minority and women-led enterprises across North Texas and the US using its ‘integrated capital strategy” of offering a combination of  strategic grants, flexible debt loans, and patient equity capital.

Looking ahead, Impact Ventures has launched its Inclusive Capital Fund Program as an effort to build the capacity of existing women and minority-led enterprises. In addition to financial capital, Impact Ventures deploys an underwriting framework that reimagines the traditional 5C’s of underwriting through a lens of justice and equity, prioritizing relationship and trust building. The fund removes the barriers of capital access by not requiring high credit scores, personal guarantees, and collateral. The fund also focused on wealth creation by offering a new class of non-traditional investors providing Texas working-class residents and institutions access to wealth building opportunities.

As a certified CDFI, Impact Ventures will be equipped to offer a comprehensive suite of financial services tailored to meet the specific needs of marginalized communities. With its passion for social entrepreneurship and commitment to financial empowerment, Impact Ventures is poised to become a leading force in driving sustainable development and economic inclusion. Through its CDFI certification, Impact Ventures will continue to champion the cause of equal opportunities and pave the way for a brighter, more equitable future in the Dallas region and beyond.