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Celebrating Juneteenth with IV Alumni

At Impact Ventures, we believe in the genius of under-estimated entrepreneurs. This Juneteenth, a significant day commemorating the emancipation of enslaved African Americans, we want to take this opportunity to celebrate and share some Impact Growth Accelerator alumni businesses. These trailblazing entrepreneurs have made their mark on us and in the business community. Join us in supporting these inspiring ventures today for Juneteenth, and onwards.

  1. HBCU Hub: HBCU Hub is an innovative platform connecting students and alumni of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) with career opportunities, mentorship programs, and valuable resources. By bridging the gap between talented individuals and the business community, HBCU Hub is creating a stronger future for black professionals and driving diversity in the workplace. Consider supporting HBCU Hub to help them expand their impact and provide even more opportunities for HBCU graduates. Learn more here.
  2. BlackLit: BlackLit is a revolutionary publishing house that amplifies the voices of Black authors and storytellers. Recognizing the underrepresentation of diverse voices in the literary world, BlackLit strives to provide a platform where powerful narratives can flourish. By supporting BlackLit, you not only encourage diverse storytelling but also contribute to the enrichment of our collective cultural heritage. Learn more here.
  3. Scent & Fire: Scent & Fire is a clean and inclusive fragrance label deep-rooted in Culture and Wellness. They manufacture genderless, functional body and home fragrances without sacrificing sustainability, aesthetics, or cultural standards. Backed by science and sensory psychology, their fragrances are made to beautify environments, enhance moods, build confidence, and change the traditional outlook on self-care. By supporting Scent & Fire, you’re supporting the wellbeing of individuals through environmentally friendly home scent products. Learn more here.
  4. Simpleaf: Simpleaf is a socially conscious brand that produces eco-friendly and biodegradable personal care products. By prioritizing sustainability and using natural ingredients, Simpleaf offers a guilt-free alternative to everyday essentials. Supporting Simpleaf means advocating for a greener future and investing in products that are both good for you and the environment. Learn more here.
  5. The Product Place: The Product Place is an online marketplace dedicated to promoting and selling products created by underrepresented entrepreneurs. By curating a diverse collection of goods, The Product Place not only supports these entrepreneurs financially but also provides a platform for their stories to be heard. When you shop at The Product Place, you contribute to the growth and success of under-estimated business owners. Learn more here.
  6. Milkspace: Milkspace is a game-changing startup that aims to revolutionize the breastfeeding experience for new mothers. With their innovative lactation pods, Milkspace provides a safe, comfortable, and private space for breastfeeding or pumping, ensuring that mothers can confidently nourish their children while on the go. By supporting Milkspace, you empower mothers and help create a more inclusive and supportive environment for breastfeeding. Learn more here.

As we celebrate Juneteenth, let us not forget the importance of supporting and empowering under-estimated entrepreneurs of color. By championing businesses like HBCU Hub, BlackLit, Scent & Fire, Simpleaf, The Product Place, and Milkspace, we can foster a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable entrepreneurial ecosystem. Join us, Impact Ventures, and our incredible alumni businesses as we continue to make a lasting impact on the path to a better future for all. Happy Juneteenth!