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IV HQ: A New Home at Bogart, Empowering Entrepreneurs of Color in Dallas

We, Impact Ventures, are excited to announce our move to a new space, Bogart, at 4621 Ross Ave, in Dallas. M2G Ventures, a women-owned real estate investment and development firm, had a vision to redevelop this former YWCA-turned-Dallas-Can-Academy into a place unlike any other, and we can’t wait to make it our official IV HQ beginning this August 1st. As we often declare, it takes a community, and settling into our new home is made possible through the generous support of Perkins&Will, a renowned architectural firm committed to fostering social impact through its Social Purpose program. We have already engaged with the Perkins&Will team who have been incredible, sharing our vision for the space and emphasizing the importance of incorporating and building out community spaces, including for current founders in our Impact Growth Accelerator, alumni, mentors, and donors.

A Space for Transformation:

IV HQ at Bogart represents more than just a physical relocation for Impact Ventures; it symbolizes a fresh chapter in our journey to uplift and support entrepreneurs of color in Dallas and across the US. The space has been thoughtfully designed to foster creativity, collaboration, and innovation. With its strategic location in the heart of the city, Bogart offers entrepreneurs a vibrant and accessible hub to access Impact Ventures education, resources, network, and events.

Support from Perkins&Will’s Social Purpose Program:

The partnership between Impact Ventures and Perkins&Will’s Social Purpose program is a testament to the firm’s commitment to making a positive social impact through design and architecture. The program aligns perfectly with Impact Ventures’ mission to address the unique challenges faced by under-estimated entrepreneurs of color. By providing a physical space that combines functionality, aesthetics, and a sense of community, Perkins&Will is empowering Impact Ventures to amplify our reach and further our mission.

The relocation of Impact Ventures to Bogart is a pivotal moment in the organization’s mission to empower entrepreneurs of color. With the support of Perkins&Will’s Social Purpose program, Impact Ventures is poised to make an even greater impact on the entrepreneurial ecosystem right here in Dallas and beyond. We can’t wait to host you at IV HQ at Bogart!

You can read more about our move to Bogart at M2GVentures, A Women-Owned Real Estate Investment & Development Firm Leading Through Industry Disruption, here.