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We envision a world where access, opportunity, and prosperity is shared.

Grounded in systems change, Impact Ventures works to create more diverse, equitable, and just society by removing the social and economic barriers for marginalized communities to thrive in a 21st century economy.

We BUILD inclusive communities.

Through collective impact initiatives, community building events, narrative change, and solidarity summits we mobilize, inspire, and activate communities to move towards self-actualization.

We accelerate all shades of genius

Through evidence-based entrepreneurship programs, mentorship, technical assistance, and direct services we accelerate the growth of BIPOC-led enterprises in North Texas and beyond -- APPLY TO SPRING 2021 PROGRAM

We take an integrated approach.

We address the systemic and structural barriers to access to capital for BIPOC communities by investing, lending, and granting flexible capital in communities to build economic power and create community wealth.

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Our Mission

To eliminate the social and economic barriers for BIPOC communities to build generational wealth through inclusive entrepreneurship, community wealth building, and integrated capital.

By Founders, For Founders

As Founder, we understand the challenges being faced at this stage in the game. We leverage our network and experience to help you build a healthy business.

Diversity As a Strength

We see diversity as a strength and not a weakness. We leverage the powerful moments within your lived experience to unlock the genius already inside you.

Community Driven

At Impact, we go further together than we can alone. We considered each other family and help each other succeed at all costs. One win is a win for all.

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What We Do

We Accelerate and Invest in All Shades of Genius

We Build Inclusive Communities

We host community learning networking events, industry insight panels, solidarity summits, and corporate/impact themed hackathons to build a more inclusive and diverse ecosystem.

We Accelerate Genius

Our accelerator programs provide critical mentorship, education, technical assistance, connections, and resources for BIPOC and Women-led enterprises.

We Take an Integrated Approach

We invest, lend, and grant integrated capital to increase racial equity, build economic power, create community wealth, and stimulate local economic growth.

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