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What We Do

At Impact House, Education is at the core of what we do. Providing quality, affordable, convenient, and culturally relative programming to underrepresented and underserved communities is where we thrive. Technology is the future and we’ve made it a priority to bring diversity and inclusion to the forefront. We believe an investment of social, human, and investment capital has the ability change the trajectory of lives as we evolve in the 21st century.

Impact Ventures is about community at its core. We believe diversity and inclusion are key drivers of innovation and we work to ensure safe spaces for all communities, colors, genders, religious beliefs, and orientations are enabled to thrive.

Our primary activities include:

  • Monthly Happy Hours – #FoundersFridays
  • Quarterly Speaker Series – #TribeTalk
  • Workshop and Skill Trainings
  • Design Challenges and Corporate Theme Hackathons
  • Start-up Education Resources for Underrepresented Women and Founders of Color
  • Investor/Mentor Connections
  • Access to Impact Venture Startup Lab + Accelerator Program
  • Career Placement Opportunities
  • Exclusive SXSW Events
  • More…

Our Inclusive Entrepreneurship Programs help underrepresented women and founders of color start, grow, and sustain their businesses through coaching, curriculum, capital, connections, and community. Studies have shown the median wealth of Black and LatinX communities will reach $0 by the year 2053. We believe entrepreneurship is the oldest and most viable  means to addressing asset poverty and generational wealth.

Our Programs:

Impact Startup Lab – From Idea 2 Launch
Our 4-week Impact Startup Lab helps startup founders currently in the Idea, Pilot, Pre-Revenue/MVP or Development Phase accelerate to launch. Paired with an expert mentor, our tech-enabled customized curriculum, we guide our founders through our in-person validation process to achieve an effective go-to-market strategy saving founders hundreds and thousands of dollars in ensuring a viable sustainable business.

Impact Startup Accelerator – Early-Stage 2 Traction
Our 12-week Impact Startup Accelerator helps Pre-Seed/Seed startups achieve strategic growth and expand their impact. Our founders are paired with an expert Advisor/Mentor and graduate level Venture Fellows to ensure optimal support and guidance during the program. Using design thinking frameworks for rapid problem solving we engage corporations in a transformative way to give back to the local community. In all, we equip founders with the tools and resources to develop a roadmap their first investment, customer acquisition, mentors, or strategic advisor.

TechHire DFW is a part of the National TechHire Movement, an initiative of the Obama White House, and now Opportunity@Work, to expand tech ecosystems and talent pipelines across 70+ cities.

TechHire DFW brings together a community of employers, mentors, training partners, workforce agencies, and funders to strengthen diverse talent pipelines within the technology industry.

Program Components:

Expanding Learning Pathways
Working with community partners to introduce or expand training options and provide resources so that more people can access tech training.

Transforming Hiring Practices
Partnering with employers by providing tools to help them give job candidates with non-traditional training an opportunity to show they have the skills to do the job.

Building Inclusive Tech Communities
Supporting communities working to build relationships between employers, training providers, job seekers, and other local organizations with promising strategies for expanding access.

We believe capital should be inclusive. Less than 2% of venture capital is deployed into minority communities nationwide. Less than 1% for black women, classified as double minorities.

Through strategic partnerships, advocacy, and education we assemble a network of angel investors, venture capital firms, banks, CDFI’s, foundations, and philanthropists who believe in our mission to ensure opportunity and access to capital is granted for all.